Welcome to the official Author site of historian Helen Fry. She has written and edited over 25 books. Her works cover primarily the 20th century, most especially the Second World War and also espionage. Helen has uncovered some amazing wartime stories which she continues to publish new stories in this field. In particular, she works very closely with WW2 veterans, with whom she has built up a special relationship for over a decade. She writes extensively about the refugees from Nazism who fought for Britain in WW2, as well as aspects of British Intelligence. Teaming up with fellow writer James Hamilton, together they have published two historical novels under the pseudonym JH Schryer. Helen has received worldwide acclaim for her books and been involved in a number of documentaries as well as advisory work for TV. She lives and works in London. Find out more about Helen here.

Recent News

Helen works with Major TV Channels

In 2013 Helen appeared on two major TV documentaries: Spying on Hitler’s Army for Channel 4, and Britain’s Secret Homes for ITV. Her book The M Room was the basis for the No 1 Top Secret Home on ITV on 5th July 2013 and filmed at Latimer House with Sir David Jason.

Breaking news: for the 70th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2014, Helen was one of the historians appearing in the BBC studio in Normandy with Huw Edwards as part of the day’s live coverage on BBC1. Helen also appeared on a new Channel 5 documentary on 27th June 2014, The Hunt for Hitler’s Missing Millions.

February 2015 see the launch of the Second Edition of the following titles by Thistle Publishing: The M Room, Spymaster, Churchill’s Secret Soldiers, Inside Nuremberg Prison, and Music & Men

New Book about Kendrick!

Spymaster: The Secret Life of Kendrick is Helen’s latest book, out now. She explores the extraordinary life of Captain Thomas Kendrick who fought in three wars and was arrested by the Gestapo in 1938. During WW2, he was MI6′s greatest asset in one of the longest deceptions ever mounted against Nazi Germany, and one that shortened the war and saved lives. A story of betrayal, steely nerve and daring. Out of the shadows of MI6 secrecy his full story emerges for the very first time. Click here to find out more!

New Research
Helen is currently working on another WW2 book about the London Cage, which was based in Kensington Palace Gardens, a prisoner-of-war interrogation site run by Colonel Scotland. If you are related to former personnel, including interrogators and other intelligence staff or guards who worked there, please make contact asap.

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