helen-fry-5Dr Helen Fry has written numerous books on the Second World War with particular reference to the 10,000 Germans and Austrians who fought for Britain. Her highly acclaimed book The King’s Most Loyal Enemy Aliens: Germans who Fought for Britain in the Second World War has received ongoing national and international media attention, including The Times,  Daily Mail, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Daily Express, The Observer, El Pais and Der Spiegel. It has now come out in paperback as Churchill’s German Army.
  • Churchill’s German Army is the subject of a documentary of that title for National Geographic Channel
  • Freuds’ War, a biography of the Freud line from Sigmund Freud through to grandson Walter, draws on a substantial amount of previously unseen family archives and photographs
  • From Dachau to D-Day was launched in 2009 at The Arsenal Emirates Stadium
  • Denazification: Britain’s Enemy Aliens, Nazi war Criminals and the reconstruction of post-war Europe draws on untold stories about the hunt for Nazi war criminals, war crimes, intelligence operations and the reconstruction of Germany at the end of WW2
  • Jews in North Devon in WW2 was awarded Devon Book of the Year (2005)

Helen has undertaken consultancy work for documentary companies and most recently acted as a consultant historian on location for the filming of WW2 scenes for a major series for ITV. With a portfolio of experience as a WW2 historian she is available for advisory work and briefing actors & actresses on set for filming reenactments. She is also being engaged in a consultancy capacity for a range of wider historical projects, including for schools curriculum and adult education, relating to subjects like WW1, WW2 and The Cold War.

The M Room: Secret Listeners who Bugged the Nazis has received extensive coverage in articles which have appeared on the BBC website, in the Evening Standard newspaper, front page article in London Jewish News; and numerous radio interviews, including Russian Worldservice. It was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary Spying on Hitler’s Army which was shown on 2nd June 2013. Two surviving secret listeners appeared with Helen in a live TV interview on BBC1 The One Show on 29 January 2013. She The M Room story has become a major interactive internet Learning Resource for schools for London Grid for Learning, accessible to 25,000 schools across the country: www.helen-fry.com/schools/

Her WW2 book is Spymaster: the Secret Life of Kendrick was launched at Latimer House in Buckinghamshire in August 2014 with over 100 guests. The book has received widespread coverage with an article in the Daily Mail online, a 2-page article in the Chorleywood Magazine, and numerous live radio interviews on BBC and local radio stations.

Helen’s biography of concert pianist Harriet Cohen, entitled Music and Men encapsulates a vivacious figure whose impact and legacy on the music world was far-reaching in her day. It also charts her colourful life with a network of famous friends and lovers: literary, political and music figures.  Helen has been interviewed about her book on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, and for a radio documentary on Radio 3. She has written the Screenplay of a feature film based on Harriet Cohen for Green Gaia Films, entitled The Woman who Saved Einstein. During 2014, she appeared in a Channel 5 documentary The Hunt for Hitler’s Missing Millions which involved filming in Munich.

Other books by Helen include histories of various Anglo-Jewish communities, including The Lost Jews of Cornwall (with Keith Pearce); and The Jews of Exeter. Her titles also include books on Christian-Jewish Dialogue, and a textbook entitled Christian-Jewish Dialogue: A Reader which has been translated into Russian, Czech and Polish.

Helen has branched out into fiction with James Hamilton under the pseudonym JH Schryer. Together they have written two novels of historical fiction, Goodnight Vienna and Moonlight Over Denmark, both of which are available to be optioned for film or documentary.

Helen is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Dept of Hebrew & Jewish Studies at UCL,  a member of The Biographers’ Club and an Honorary member of The Association of Jewish Refugees. She is also a trustee and Deputy Chair of the Trent Park Museum Trust (pictured below at the BBC with fellow trustee, comedian Helen Lederer).


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