Allied Intelligence & the Holocaust

As the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belsen was commemorated in April 2015, Helen has been working on a new book Dark Secrets and Silences: Allied Intelligence and the Holocaust. In it, Helen reveals astonishing new material about exactly what was known by British and American Intelligence about the concentration camps and when. She examines the extraordinary weight of evidence that British Intelligence was amassing as early as 1941, and raises pertinent questions about why nothing was done to bomb the camps and the railway lines. What was the reaction of intelligence chiefs to the mass of primary evidence accumulating in top secret files? She provides previously unseen maps of each of the camps, dating from a period before their liberation – a spine-chilling and unexpected find. How did British Intelligence obtain these? And why did they decide to keep all evidence of atrocities against Jews, Poles, Russians and Gypsies? One of the most moving artefacts is a telegram from the resistance in Occupied Europe with a desperate plea to Churchill to ‘save the remnant of European Jewry’. Those who suffered at the hands of Nazi brutality felt completely abandoned by the Allies. What is the legacy and how must we remember? Helen’s forthcoming book adds to Sir Martin Gilbert’s ground-breaking book Auschwitz and the Allies. She has also been recording the eye-witness accounts of war veterans who were involved in the liberation of Belsen. Just when it is thought that everything could be known about those horrific days when civilized Europe buckled under the weight of Nazi atrocities, Dark Secrets and Silences provides an indispensable dimension to our understanding of the Holocaust.

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