70th Anniversary of D-Day: Live Coverage with the BBC

Friday 6th June 2014 marked the 70th anniversary of the biggest land invasion in history. The D-Day landings will go down in annals of history as one of the pivotal moments of WW2. The stories of the brave men and women who served in the Allied armed forces continue to fascinate us and command the deepest respect. The commemorations were extensive and emotional, with many Heads of State in attendance. On the very beaches where they landed 70 years ago, the veterans remembered their D-Day sacrifices and those of their fallen comrades. They themselves may understate their bravery, but they have unique stories to share as the last witnesses to that awesome, yet painful day.

Helen took part in the BBC’s live coverage of the events in studio discussions with Huw Edwards, alongside Dr Roderick Bailey, Dan Snow and James Holland. It was an awesome experience that will never leave me.


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