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Goodnight Vienna book cover GOODNIGHT VIENNA

It is March 1938. Hitler has marched into Vienna to a triumphant reception. Three British MI6 agents become immediately embroiled in a dangerous game and tangled love triangle. Katharine Simmons, an undercover SIS agent working at the British Passport Office, is distraught when her husband, also an undercover agent, is taken from their home and disappears without trace. Left alone in Vienna, Katharine’s secret work prevents her from returning home, but the noose is tightening around the SIS operatives as a suspected double agent appears to be betraying them. Can the love of a mystery man save Katharine from the Gestapo? Who is her secret betrayer? And what is the past that haunts her? In this extraordinary debut novel by JH Schryer, love, honour and power compete against a backdrop of the growing tensions of 1930s Vienna.



Moonlight Over Denmark - jacket coverVallø Castle, Denmark 1943: Two men parachute into Nazi-occupied territory. Only one survives. What is the real identity of Hanns, the only surviving agent? And what is the terrible past that he hides? Geoffrey Hart, an Austrian refugee drafted into the British SOE for ‘special duties’ is also parachuted in, tasked with locating the missing British agent being hidden by Danish resistance. On locating the agent he is to infiltrate a German U-boat on its way to Ireland, carrying secret scientific technology. Before he leaves, his eye is caught by Lilian a Danish woman working covertly at the SOE training school. It is love at first sight, but fate is about to separate them. The war threatens to severe their love forever. Meanwhile SIS operative Katharine Simmons is tracking the vital U-boat. Can she prevent it from being blown out of the water, thus losing its precious cargo? But Katharine has made her own jaw-dropping discovery which will put Geoffrey and the whole of Britain in mortal danger … In this sequel to Goodnight Vienna, loyalty and love are played out against the backdrop of simmering revenge.



The novels are available to be optioned for Film or Drama.

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