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JH SCHRYER is the pseudonym for writing partnership in fiction between Helen Fry and novelist James Hamilton. They have been writing historical fiction together since 2005 and written WW2 novels “Goodnight Vienna” and “Moonlight over Denmark”. Both use their creative skills to co-author and write each novel equally. JH Schryer as a writing name was a conscious decision to retain their initials: J for James, and H for Helen. Schryer was chosen because it was James’ original family surname of his ancestors who came from Vienna as refugees. Two generations after the Schryer’s fled Vienna, and the family had changed their name to Hamilton, the surname was re-born. At the launch of Helen’s book Freuds’ War at the Freud Museum in London, Helen and James met world renown sculptor Jane McAdam Freud, daughter of the late Lucian Freud. Jane was immediately struck by the creative dynamic of J H Schryer and a gem began in her about capturing their writing partnership in sculpture. She was, and is still, fascinated by the question of how two people can write fiction together. After sitting for her for one day a week for eight months, the sculpture was complete. Just over a year after Jane met them at the Freud Museum, they were back at the museum for the unveiling of Jane’s sculpture inspired by their writing partnership, a triptych called “Stone Speak”. Stone Speak has since been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and Cracow. The next novel by Helen and James called Erin Manor is due out in Autumn 2014.

STONE SPEAK – by sculptor Jane McAdam Freud

Eminent sculptor Jane McAdam Freud, daughter of the late Lucian Freud, captured the dynamism of the writing duo JH Schryer in a three-piece work of Art entitled ”Stone Speak”. Over a period of 9 months, the artist worked with the authors in her studio to produce the work. It consists of a single abstract piece, circa 5ft in height which portrays the spine of a book and the twists and turns of a novel. The piece was first exhibited at the Freud Museum, London where it was exhibited for several weeks before moving on to Los Angelos and other international venues, Russia and Kazakhstan. It is currently in the artist’s private collection. In October 2014, it is due to be exhibited at the London Jewish Cultural Centre as part of the artist’s exhibition there to mark the 75th anniversary of the death of her great-grandfather, Sigmund Freud.

The resulting faces are depicted below, just before they were fired in a kiln at 1,200 degrees celsius:

(Below) Stone Speak in the garden of the Freud Museum where it was exhibited for several weeks. It is currently in the artist’s private collection

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