'the high-octane drama of the escape narratives make for compelling reading … It is remarkable that so many of these stories have hitherto remained untold and no less remarkable to read of the scale and reach of MI9.'—Giles Milton, Sunday Times 

‘Second World War buffs will enjoy Helen Fry’s engrossing tale M19, which details the exploits of the secret organisation that rescued allied troops from behind Nazi lines. The gadgets they used – including playing cards that peeled back to reveal maps – are like something dreamt up by James Bond’s mad scientist Q.’—Martin Chilton,

The Walls Have Ears

‘A remarkable book’ —Nick Rennison, Daily Mail (Book of the Week)

‘This is a great book and a valuable contribution to scholarship on the Second World War’
Michael Goodman, BBC History Magazine

‘Interesting, informative, enlightening’ —All About History

‘The world has long been familiar with Bletchley Park, where German codes were cracked by a secret army of listeners intercepting enemy wireless transmissions. But now, another clandestine intelligence operation that played an equally important part in the war has come to light.’—Tony Rennell, Daily Mail (War Books of the Year)

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