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The compelling story of 10,000 Germans and Austrians who fled Nazi persecution and joined the British Forces in the Second World War. 


Having escaped Nazi Germany with their lives, this was their chance to fight back.


They served in all theatres of war, including dangerous operations behind enemy lines and the D-Day landings. Now they faced their former countrymen on the beaches of Normandy and the battlefields of Europe.


But ‘Churchill’s German Army' did not feel they were betraying the country of their birth. Rather, they felt that Germany had betrayed them. Some were hunted for special duties behind enemy lines with the Commandos, special Raiding Forces, SAS and SOE. Others were involved in the battles at sea, top secret intelligence duties, and elite infantry regiments. They fought, and many died, fighting on the front line for the country that had saved them from Hitler’s tyranny. With one or two exceptions, these refugees in uniform did not receive British nationality until 1946-47.

Based on eye-witness accounts and interviews with WWII veterans, Helen Fry pieces together their extraordinary story and their sacrifice.

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