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Looking to feature an expert historian in your next TV or documentary project? Look no further than Dr. Helen Fry.


With extensive experience in the field of World War II history, intelligence, and espionage, Helen is a sought-after media personality.

From documentaries to Live TV interviews and radio broadcasts, she has been featured in numerous media projects.

Whether you're looking for an expert commentary or a full-fledged historical analysis, Helen can provide the insight and expertise you need.


Secrets of the Spies - BritBox, March 2022 

This series delves into the world of espionage where fact is often stranger than fiction. From the iconic James Bond and his creator Ian Fleming, to infamous figures like Kim Philby and Sergei Skripal, the world of spies is one of blurred lines, where murder, betrayal, romance, and duty intertwine in unexpected ways.

This is Helen's first appearance on BritBox.


Spying on Hitler’s Army - Channel 4 and PBS America, 2020

'Spying on Hitler’s Army' reveals perhaps the most damning evidence of the German Army’s complicity in Nazi war crimes.


The documentary explores how Britain bugged the conversations of the German Generals at Trent Park during WWII. British Intelligence requisitioned three stately homes for this epic task, and converted each into an elaborate trap. 


The 100,000 hours of conversation they captured provided crucial intelligence that changed the course of the war, and revealed some of its worst horrors – from rape to mass executions, to one of the earliest bulletins from the concentration camps. 


But when the fighting ended, the recordings were destroyed and the transcripts locked away for half a century...


Helen acted as consultant and was interviewed because of her unique research, culminating in her books 'The M Room' and 'The Walls Have Ears'.


Home Front Heroes Series 1, Episode 5 - BBC1, 2018

Helen Lederer travelled to Trent Park in North London to learn more about the secret work of her grandfather, Ernst Lederer, in the Second World War.


She met Helen Fry who took her around the mansion house and explained that Lederer’s grandfather was deep undercover, working for British Intelligence.


He masked as a fellow German Officer and fooled the Nazi Generals into giving away vital information. Little did the Generals realise that every conversation was being recorded via hidden microphones.

Fry and Lederer embark on an extraordinary journey throughout the episode, to uncover the work of Ernst and his fellow comrades.


David Jason's Secret Service - Channel 4, 2017

Helen served as the historical consultant for the 3-part spy series 'David Jason's Secret Service', produced by 'October Films' and commissioned by Channel 4.


The series features Sir David Jason OBE as the host, and was filmed in Belgium, Holland, Austria, and England. The show proved to be a hit, especially with younger audiences, as viewership peaked to watch one of the nation's favourite actors delve into the incredible world of British espionage from its origins in 1909 to the daring exploits of men and women during WWII.

Veteran 4.JPG

70th Anniversary of D-Day: Live Coverage - BBC, 2014

On the 70th anniversary of D-Day (the largest land invasion in history), the commemorations were extensive and emotional, with many heads of state in attendance. Helen was privileged to take part in the BBC's live coverage of the events, participating in studio discussions with Huw Edwards, Dr Roderick Bailey, Dan Snow, and James Holland.


As the last witnesses to D-Day, the veterans shared their unique stories, and Helen was there to help ensure their sacrifices and bravery are never forgotten.


The Hunt for Hitler’s Missing Millions - Channel 5, 2014

The Hunt for Hitler's Millions uncovers the intriguing story of Hitler's Will and the millions of dollars that were secretly stashed away.


After Hitler's suicide in the bunker in 1945, WWII veteran Herman Rothman's Counter Intelligence Unit spotted a man dressed in civilian clothes whom they believed was a Nazi on the run. The shoulder pads of his jacket were ripped open to reveal a 7-page document containing Hitler's last will and testament.


Helen Fry acted as a historical consultant for the documentary and filmed on location at the National Archives in Kew and the Bavarian State Archives in Munich, Germany, providing fascinating insights into the events that led to the discovery of the Will and the fate of the runaway money.

Britain's Secret Homes - ITV, 2013

Helen made a memorable appearance in the final episode of ITV's popular series 'Britain's Secret Homes' where Latimer House was voted as the top secret house in the countdown of 50 houses.


The renowned actor and presenter, Sir David Jason, described Latimer House as crucial to winning the war, and he met with 96-year-old "secret listener" Paul Douglas during the programme.


Additionally, a 2-page article in the Radio Times featured WWII veteran Fritz Lustig, another "secret listener," who visited Latimer House for the first time and saw the original cells.


Helen's contribution as a historian was significant, adding context and depth to the historical significance of Latimer House.


The One Show - BBC1, 2013

Helen showcased her expertise on live television during her appearance on BBC1's The One Show on Tuesday 29th January 2013, alongside WWII veteran secret listeners Fritz Lustig and Eric Mark.


The show highlighted their stories of fleeing Nazi Germany and being taken up by British Intelligence.


Helen's extensive research and interviews with the veterans provided valuable insights that she shared during the panel discussion.


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