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'The high-octane drama of the escape narratives make for compelling reading … It is remarkable that so many of these stories have hitherto remained untold and no less remarkable to read of the scale and reach of MI9.' — Giles Milton, Sunday Times 

'It is a noble, moving and inspiring book...' — Allan Mallinson, The Spectator 

'A worthy tribute to the courage, ingenuity and spirit of men and women who overcame incredible odds and risked torture, deportation and death to win freedom both for themselves and for Europe.' — Nigel Jones, BBC History Magazine 

'MI9 by is a masterpiece. Engagingly well written, dense with detail, the result of painstaking original research. A definitive history of one of Britain's WWII intelligence organizations. On par with Defend the Realm and Sword & Shield. A must read for intel fans.' Stephen J. Schmidt

'Once started, this is an impossible book to put down,' Brigadier Webb-Carter OBE MC in Aspects of History Magazine

‘Second World War buffs will enjoy Helen Fry’s engrossing tale M19, which details the exploits of the secret organisation that rescued allied troops from behind Nazi lines. The gadgets they used – including playing cards that peeled back to reveal maps – are like something dreamt up by James Bond’s mad scientist Q.’—Martin Chilton,


‘Hitler's senior generals were tricked into giving away vital Nazi secrets. This is such a good book, such a good story.’ Dan Snow

‘A remarkable book’ —Nick Rennison, Daily Mail (Book of the Week)

‘This is a great book and a valuable contribution to scholarship on the Second World War’
Michael Goodman, BBC History Magazine

‘Interesting, informative, enlightening’ —All About History

‘The world has long been familiar with Bletchley Park, where German codes were cracked by a secret army of listeners intercepting enemy wireless transmissions. But now, another clandestine intelligence operation that played an equally important part in the war has come to light.’—Tony Rennell, Daily Mail (War Books of the Year)


‘Absorbing... Whatever the rights and wrongs, the London Cage played a crucial role in the war effort’ — William Cook, The Spectator 

‘Fascinating... ’ — Nick Rennison, The Sunday Times 

‘Compelling... This book is a most valuable addition to our understanding of British intelligence activities and his highly recommended' — Britain At War

‘An intriguing and disturbing story...  Rumours about what really happened in the Cage bubbled to the surface. But they gained little traction... Thanks to Helen Fry's book, we now know why' — World At War

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