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Behind The White House

During 1942 British Intelligence took over and modified Wilton Park near Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

It became one of 3 main premises where the conversations of German prisoners-of-war were bugged from a special room called “The M Room”.

Here for next 3 years the “secret listeners” recorded an unprecedented amount of intelligence that would help all aspects of the war – from the Battle of the Atlantic & the U-boat menace, to military strategy, morale, propaganda, secret weapon technology (V1 & V2) as well as experimental weapon sites being used by Adolf Hitler.

The secret listeners also overheard admissions of terrible war crimes and atrocities against Jews, Poles, Russians, the elderly, and killings of Allied soldiers and airmen. The evidence gathered by the Allies about the Holocaust became overwhelming. This top-secret unit which was known by the lengthier name of Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Unit (CSDIC) eavesdropped on nearly 10,000 POWs.

The White House (pictured above) has since been destroyed and now houses a language school. During the war it held captured Italian Generals, and also some prized German Generals before they were transferred to Trent Park in North London.

Little has been written about the work of this unit, but the latest book “The M Room” is currently the subject of TV documentary … forthcoming.


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